Demi Bedhead

Designing Your Dream Bedroom

  • Photo from Hint Design: Featuring our Demi Bedhead.

When it comes to redecorating the bedroom, we all hope that we can unmask our inner designer and get it right! After all, we spend so much of our lives in our bedroom. Statistics say we spend roughly ⅓ of our lives sleeping, so why not do it in luxury?! If you struggle when it comes to creating an aesthetic and functional space, look no further than this blog as a step by step guide to the ultimate bedroom makeover.

Firstly, it is important to consider what look and feel you want your bedroom to exude. Have a look at the other rooms in your home and note which style comes into play. For example, do you have a coastal style, art deco, or traditional? What colours are in the room already? Consider the large pieces of furniture in your room – are they white, black, or colourful! 

Once you know what the look and feel of the room should be, you’re ready for the next step.

At Bedsahead, we specialise in all things fabric! Any soft furnishings – bedhead, bed base, footstool, ottomans, scatter cushions and many more, we can do it!.

Think about what you need…whether it is just a bedhead, or whether you are after some extra storage and would need a blanket box or ottoman. When designing your bedroom, we can be your one-stop shop for all things beds! (We even have a range of mattresses available).

I have included a few examples of bedheads for particular home aesthetics:

  1. For the Hamptons Home
    1. Caiden 
    2. Pillay 
    3. Kathryn 
  1. Art Deco
    1. Roxy 
    2. Winston 
    3. Allegra 
  1. Minimalist
    1. Otis 
    2. Luna 
    3. Arlo 
  1. Traditional
    1. Sophia 
    2. Ariel 
    3. Sienna 

Now for the fun part! Choosing your fabric. If you aren’t close to our Caringbah showroom, I would recommend ordering a few fabric samples so you can see in person what they look and feel like – remember that the computer can be deceiving as to what a fabric colour looks like. You can filter sample choice based on what material you are going for. Want a more casual look, go for linen, or make a statement with velvet. Alternatively, we have leather, boucle and even leatherette options! Have a look at the styles on our website to see what fabric we pair each bedhead with to make it look amazing! 

After you have decided on what you need, what style you are after, and what fabric choice, you can chat with one of the staff here at Bedsahead to finalise your order! If you are wanting to customise your order, we can definitely help you out with that and are more than happy to chat with you over the phone or in person.

Don’t forget we have an in-house qualified interior designer who is passionate about all things fabric and bedheads, and is available for appointments in our showroom 5 days a week. (Book an appointment now).

  • Just to leave you with some final bedroom inspiration, featuring our Otis bedhead!

See you on the next blog!! :)

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