A stunning family home, whether a single dwelling or an apartment, deserves a stunning Master
Bedroom Suite and we are so proud to have assisted Sara and Hayden from The Block in achieving
just that!!
Their WINNING Master Bedroom Suite is a beautifully curated and styled room and The Block judges
all agreed that they felt they were greeted by " something grand" when they arrived. Their bedroom
includes our Stunning King Sized Winston Bedhead complete with Old Gold Studded Trim Boarder in
the beautiful Mokum fabric “Bespoke Midnight” – the perfect combination for this winning master
bedroom space! Completing the look is a perfectly matched and custom made Ensemble Bed Base as
well as a matching footstool.
Darren Palmer said “I love that they’ve got the Ottoman at the foot of the bed that matches the
bedhead. That’s really elegant” Darren was also a fan of the bed styling saying that the “shape of the
bedhead pops against the deep navy wall, and with those brass studs”.
Working within such large bedroom spaces on The Block for Master Bedroom week, custom making
the Bedheads to the specifications of these Block Contestants have been necessary this week to
ensure the perfect fit for the required space. It has been an amazing experience for the team at
Bedsahead and it has been a huge week for the winning team, Sara & Hayden.
We were also fortunate enough to provide Courtney and Hans with their stunning bedroom set –
our king-sized Jade Bedhead completed in a beautiful Warwick Fabric “Caitlin” in the colour “Lilac”
with the addition of a matching valance. Shaynna Blaze said she " loved the bed and the pendant
lights mixed with the mustard and burgundy pillows. I love the colour palette. This is beautiful. The
lights are gorgeous." Clearly, the styling of the bed was a big positive for Shaynna and we couldn’t
agree more. We love the Jade Bedhead in the space and think Courtney’s choice of colours against
the bedhead is perfect!
As we have with Sara & Hayden and Courtney & Hans, we can offer customers the complete look for
their home and bedroom space. Our “Design Your Own” option which worked well for The Block
contestants, allowed for matching sets of furniture to be produced to their exact specifications. All
you need to do is choose a design and fabric from our extensive range and provide us with the
specifications for the pieces to be custom made to order.
If you would like to know more about designing and ordering your own high-quality furniture pieces
or matching bedroom sets just like The Block contestants then please get in touch today to find out
just how easy it is.

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