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Curved top Head Board
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A timeless classic. The ESTELLE upholstered bed head is custom made with its highlight being an elegant soft, smooth curving top, offering endless styling versatility.

This piece of bedroom furniture is sure to brighten up any bedroom, made to order in your choice of fabric, texture and colour.

The Estelle offers endless bedroom creations possibilities. Imagine this bedhead in soft pastel tones adorned with beautiful fresh linen in a young girls room, or make an instant impression with the Estelle bed head upholstered in a bright coloured patterened fabric for young or adults alike. The possibilities are endless.

This bedhead is available in a wide range of fabric textures and colours from Warwick, Wortley, Zepel and Profile. Can't see a fabric you like online? Just ask, we have plenty more or even bring your own. 

Available in all sizes including single, king single, double, queen, king, superking and even custom sizes. 

Suitable for Trundle beds.