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Occasional Chairs

Upholstered Occasional Chair

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Upholstered Occasional Chair

Enhance any empty space with an occasional chair. In the bedroom, living area or reading room, our custom designed upholstered occasional chair will bring to life any living space. In the bedroom, hang your clothes on at the end of the day, read a book before retiring for the night or just have that quiet cuppa. Brighten up your living or lounge space with a different chair, adding style, colour and comfort. 

Your occasional chair can be totally customised to meet your wishes. Choose your own fabric from our extensive range of linens, velvets, suedes and leathers. Seelct a colour, textured or even a patterned fabric to make your statement. Select the colour of your legs, in natural laquer or matt black.Personalise your chair by adding upholstered buttons or cross stitches in contrasting or camouflaged colours.

Measurements are 540w x 650d x 830h.