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Blanket Box

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Blanket Box
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Storage with Style!

Our upholstered blanket boxes are just the perfect finishing touch at the end of your bed, complementing your bedhead.

Additionally our upholstered Ottomans will add custom made decor in any living area around the house.

Each Blanket Boxes / Ottoman is custom made, fabricated on a heavy duty timber frame for durability and longevity.

They are upholstered in the best Australian upholstery fabrics (or bring your own) and finished in your choice of style; plain, buttoned or a studded trim. The choice is yours.

The Blanket Boxes are available in 3 different standard sizes of 100cm, 120cm or 140cm or if you require a different width, just ask.

General height is 450mm and depth is 400mm, but again alternation can be requested.

Different leg options can also be added.

Upholstered Ottomans can be made in all shapes and sizes. Simply provide your dimensions and request a quote.