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Date added: 10/14/2016 Using the Color Grey to Create Gorgeous Bedroom Decor

A mix between black and white, grey is by definition, truly neutral. But its varying shades, whether light grey, mid grey or a dark charcoal, make grey one of the most versatile color, perfect for creating gorgeous bedroom décor.

With a grey coloured bedhead, you simply cannot go wrong. Here's how to use grey in your bedroom, plus how to decorate, combine grey with other colors with a simple goal: to create stunningly gorgeous bedroom décor!

1. Wall Colour Pebble gray walls are the warming trend used in chic bedrooms today.

Bring your walls to life with a grey upholstered bedhead that is lighter in colour and then complement with lighter grey or white bed linen. This will give more sophisticated chic look.

2. Trim Colour If your planning to paint your bedroom walls grey, then follow the trend of ivory trim colour to soften grey. A cream or ivory trim will not only balance the grey walls, but will give it some depth.

3. The use of shine on surfaces If your bedroom has grey coloured walls, a grey bedhead and/or bed sheets, using surfaces with shine, such as mirrors and chrome accessories will bring your soft furnishings to life.

4. Grey requires light Grey is one of those colors that require natural lighting so be sure to bring in a few sources of light. Table lamps, and floor lamps, downlights and even a chandelier help create a warm, ambient atmosphere in your bedroom. Never underestimate the power of natural light and keep this is mind when positioning bedroom furnishing features such as blanket boxes and bed heads.

5. Combining colour with grey: creating endless possibilities There are endless, crafty ways to complement a variety of grey tones. Beautiful décor is easily created combining grey with a spectrum of colour such as teals and coral. Grey tones blend perfectly with the coral tones on furniture, such as beds and chairs. Bedroom linen in teal and coral look simply divine against a light to mid grey colored bedhead. Experiment with layering different shades of grey in the one room. A dark grey bed against a light grey wall creates a striking look.

6. Soft Bedroom Furnishings to Complete the Look. A dark charcoal or grey bedprovide a perfect base to as a perfect starting point for adding bursts of colour such as pink cushions or a blue coloured throw. Try out different textures such as a cream faux fur to create an expensive glamourous look. Combine your feature bedhead with other bedroom furniture pieces such as occasional chairs, footstools or ottomans created in a complementing patterned fabric adding depth, difference and making an impression Using shades of grey to furnish and decorate your bedroom will result in you creating your very own personalised bedroom. The possibilities provided by the many shades of grey make it an easy, foolproof colour choice that any beginner, budding designer or professional interior designer can use to create unique, stunning bedroom décor.

Date added: 11/08/2013 Bedroom Decor tips you can master



Bedroom Decor tips you can master Kitchen, bedroom and living room are among the most prominent areas of a house. Although most of the people are aware about decorating kitchens and living rooms, they are not so good when it comes to bedroom décor. If you are among the majority that hardly has an idea about how to decorate bedrooms, following tips may be useful for you. Select a good color combination Interestingly, most of the people spoil the appearance of their bedroom by applying poor color combinations.

As per the expertise interior designers, proper color combination majorly affects the standard of the bedroom. Particularly, you must be very careful when selecting bedroom furniture like beds, bedhead, bedside tables, etc. Furniture colors should perfectly blend with the curtains, window frames, wall colors and other items if you expect harmony in your bedroom. - Don’t go for primary colors Primary colors are bold.

They don’t match for a place like bedroom where you seek tranquility. So, be sure to select soothing shades and some homochromatic tones for better results. Soft colors like lavender shades, shades of blue or green might do well for a bedroom. If you want something different, you may select shades like toasty browns and topaz colors. Wisely position the furniture To maintain the coziness and the comfort of your room, you should position your furniture pretty smartly. For instance, bed should be kept away from the door.

You will find it extremely difficult to position your beds (including bedhead) if the right size hasn’t been selected. So, selecting the right size of the furniture is a strong point to consider when it comes to bedroom décor. So, before you purchase your furniture, have a floor plan (with the measurements). Don’t select large bedroom furniture for small bedrooms; small bedroom furniture in a large room will not do any good either.

Reputed bedroom furniture suppliers like www.bedsahead.com.au have a range of elegant, supreme quality bedroom items at very affordable rates. They will offer their expertise assistance when selecting the items to match your bedroom. Select items like pillows and bedhead to match the size and the color of the bed and the room. Thanks to the modern developments, there are various shapes, sizes and types of pillows in the market. Bring some cheer in Your bedroom deserves some cheer in it. One of the most effective and easiest ways to bring some cheer is the usage of flowers.

Any flower will suit bedroom as far as they don’t emit very strong aroma. If you prefer artificial flowers, you have nothing to worry about the fragrance. In addition to that, accessories like night lights can bring a wonderful glamour to your bedroom. Place the night lights near the bed; these lights are the first thing you are going to see when you wake-up; select them wisely. Regardless all the measure you take to uplift the appearance of the bedroom, you should remember to keep them simple as much as possible.

Don’t forget to keep a three-foot gap (from the side) between the walls and the furniture like beds. Don’t use strong air fresheners especially during the night. Always bring in what you need; not what you see.